FORMSOFT®, official distributor and seller of Mind Academy computer programmes, offers licences for all products available in this catalogue.


We are interested in cooperation with foreign publishers and producers of various kind of PC software throughout the world.
Owing to our flexibility as well as functionality and diversity of our software we can undertake to make customer-specified game and computer programme packages with dedicated graphic layout.

The resultant product can be offered either under Mind Academy or its own brand. Mind Academy brand was created in 2007, extending the range of its offer ever since.

The Mind Academy is an attractive commercial proposition because it satisfies those areas desired and needed by consumers - namely attention to health, the learning of foreign languages or investment in personal development. Our software provides the ideal platform to allow you to spend your valuable free time wisely. It works perfectly well as a birthday present, a gift for Christmas or Children's Day surprise. During the New Year, our carefully developed games also provide great support for anyone seeking to fulfil their New Year's resolutions.

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Jacek Pawełek - sales manager

Ewa Wołodźko - brand manager